Registration for the 2020 Spring Season is open!

Any registrations received or paid for after January 31, 2020 are subject to a $25 late fee (per player) and availability

(Please note the early bird discount for registering and paying by Dec 15.  See discount section below)

To Register, click on the REGISTER button or REGISTRATION INFO tab on the FTLL Home Page, login to your account, or if new to the program, create a new account!

Registration for Baseball & Softball will only be accepted through the FTLL site. Any questions should be directed to the FTLL. Please do not contact the FT Recreation Department regarding the FTLL programs.

Registration is open to Freehold Township residents, anyone attending school in Freehold Township, or Freehold Boro residents for Boys Senior Majors Baseball and for Girls Softball only - who are born between the following dates - NO exceptions:

> Baseball: 9/1/2003 & 8/31/2015. BB Age Determination Date for ALL players is 8/31/20.
> Softball: 1/1/2003 & 12/31/2015. SB Age Determination Date for ALL players is 12/31/19.

Players may only register for ONE Baseball or Softball division.  Fees for all divisions are as follows:


T-Ball/Rookies (ages 5-6): $100;  Pioneers (7-8): $125;  Minors (9-11): $175; Intermediate 50/70 (11-13): $175;  Senior Majors 60/90 (13-16): $200


Rookies (ages 4-6): $100;  Pioneers (7-8): $125;  Minors (9-10) : $175; Majors (11-12): $175;  Seniors (13-16): $200

All orders are subject to a $3 order fee.


We are excited to announce some significant changes to our baseball programs for the Spring 2020 season designed to enhance the experience for all of our participants!

Minors, Majors, and Intermediate programs are being consolidated into three divisions:  Minors AA, Minors AAA, and Intermediate.  The Minors at ages 9-10-11 will play 46/60 and Intermediate at ages 11-12-13 will play 50/70 with regular baseball leading/stealing rules and 7 inning games.   Please review the District All-Stars section of this document for updates on selection eligibility by division.

The Intermediate division will play its regularly scheduled games on WEEKNIGHTS ONLY (Monday – Thursday), at 7:30 PM.  Any rainouts for the Intermediate division will be made up on Saturdays early evening (5PM), and on open weeknights.  Minors AA division will continue to play on weeknights (5:30 PM) and Saturdays. Minors AAA division will play on weeknights (5:30 PM or 7:30 PM) and Saturdays.

Senior Majors games will continue to be played weeknights at 7:30 PM, and will continue to play on Saturdays but later in the day (4PM).

USA Baseball Bats are the only approved bats for all divisions below Intermediate.  Intermediate and Senior Majors divisions use BBCOR (-3) or USA Baseball bats only.


The Seniors, Majors and possibly the Minors divisions will have their schedules skewed towards games on weeknights.  There will continue to be games and other activities planned for Saturday as well (make- up games, clinics and pick-up games) but most of the regularly schedule games will be during the week.


The Pioneers division will continue to play 2 games a week: 1 weeknight and 1 on Saturday with a combination of coach and player pitch. Coaches will also schedule practices at their discretion.

The Rookies / T-Ball division will be a 10 week program, beginning in early April and ending in June. There will be a one hour practice most weeks on a weeknight, and a one hour game each week on Saturday mornings. We are following the Official Little League tee ball plan again for the year, which will provide both a fun and structured baseball environment for all involved!  Click here for more LLB info on this program.


Please note that for baseball players ages 11-13, the new alignments will not impact our District All-Star programs for selected players:

11 year old's playing Minors are eligible for the 11 year old district team

11 year old's playing Intermediate are eligible for 11, Majors, or Intermediate district teams

12 year old's are eligible for Majors (46/60 – Williamsport) or Intermediate district teams

13 year old's playing Intermediate are eligible for the Intermediate district team

13 year old's playing Senior Majors are eligible for the Juniors district team



Players may only register for ONE Baseball or Softball division:  For baseball, 11 year olds must choose between Minors or Intermediate divisions – however they must be manager drafted to play in Intermediate.  11 year olds wishing to be considered for the Intermediate division should register as such.  11 year old players not drafted for Intermediate will automatically be transferred to the Minors division.

13 year old baseball players wishing to play 50/70 should register for the Intermediate Division; those wishing to play 60/90 should register for the Senior Majors division.

6 year old baseball or softball players who have completed two seasons of Rookies/tee ball are eligible to play in the Pioneers Division and should register as such for baseball* and for softball they must send a request to [email protected] to be moved up.

8 year old baseball or softball players who have completed two sessions of Pioneers are eligible to play in the Minors Division and should register as such for baseball* and for softball they must send a request to [email protected] to be moved up.

* For baseball, parents should only register for “up play” at these levels if their child is “baseballl ready” for the jump.  6 Year olds playing Pioneers will be playing against 8 year olds; 8 Year olds in Minors will potentially be facing pitching from 10-11 year olds.  Please use extreme discretion when making this decision.  The best baseball experience for all players is when they are aligned in the division appropriate for their skill level.


EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT!  Registrations submitted and paid by December 15, 2019 will receive a $25 discount per registrant off of normal published fees. 

Families registering 3 or more children in baseball and/or softball (any combination) will receive a $25 discount off of the total registration fees (e.g. 3 x $150 = $450 - $25 = $425).

Payment must be made at time of registration using a Credit Card (Visa / Master Card) ONLY. If you cannot pay with a credit card please contact us at the FTLL.

During registration you will have the option to donate to our annual scholarship fund via credit card as well.

Please register early so that we will have adequate time to properly prepare for the coming season. The season will start around April 5, 2020; league/team assignments will be finalized in February. Any registrations made or paid for after January 31, 2020 are subject to availability and a $25 late fee per registrant - NO exceptions.

NO refunds will be given after team assignments are made unless accompanied by a medical note. Refunds prior to this are subject to a $25 handling fee.

The season will conclude by the end of June.

Medical Release Form (if you cannot access it during registration)

Required documents for new players

A birth certificate and either:

·         1) three (3) documents - one from each of the below Groups showing proof of residence, with at least one document stating Freehold Township*;


·         2) for those attending school in Freehold Twp., a completed School Enrollment form.

These documents can be uploaded during online registration for all new Little League players. Due to more stringent Little League eligibility guidelines we cannot accept any registrations without the proper documentation. If you do not have the ability to scan & upload these documents you will need to either fax them to: 732-276-9870 or mail them to FTLL, PO Box 7306, Freehold NJ 07728. Please be sure to put the players name on the documents & complete this step following online registration.

Acceptable categories of residency documents (no more than one document per group is acceptable):

Group 1
Drivers License
Insurance documents
School records
Vehicle records

Group 2
Federal records
Homeowner or tenant records
Military records
Local (municipal) records
State records
Support payment records
Welfare/child care record
Group 3
Financial records
Internet, Cable or Satellite records
Medical records
Utility bills
Voters Registration


*Eligibility is limited to: 1) Residents of Freehold Twp., 2) those attending school in Freehold Twp. regardless of residence, or 3) or residents of Freehold Boro for girls softball and senior majors baseball only. Residents of Freehold Boro for baseball (except for Senior Majors) & Howell with a Freehold mailing address are not permitted to register in the FTLL and must register for their respective Little League per Little League Baseball regulations. 

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