Volunteer Information - Work Bond Program - Spring, 2024

There is a great deal of work which happens "on and off the field" to have our league operate successfully.  As a volunteer organization, Freehold Township Little League relies on its member families to serve the needs of all its players.  To encourage volunteer participation from our community and to be equitable to all families, the league has implemented a Work Bond Program.

Upon your first practice, each family will be required to pay a mandatory Work Bond payment.

The amount of the Work Bond is $175.  Please Note: Players will not receive their team uniform until their family's Work Bond payment has been received.

Each family is required to fulfill 3 hours to be eligible for a work bond refund after 08/1.  In addition, FTLL will be using for families to sign-up and track families volunteering by the deadline 07/31.  

Please Note: It is the responsibility of each family to fulfill the work bond credits and submit the Freehold Township Little League Work Bond form.  

Once the Spring season & post season are completed, each family that has fulfilled its volunteer obligation of (3) hours and submitted the Freehold Township Little League Work Bond Form, will have the option to: 

a) have their Work Bond check destroyed. 

b) donate the bond to the league for capital improvement projects.


Families who do not meet their volunteer requirements and/or submit the Freehold Township Work Bond Form by 07/31 will forfeit that season's work bond.

The League wants every family to fulfill their Work Bond obligation by volunteering. Help your League improve and expand the services it offers to the children of this community.  If you are unable to fulfill the Work Bond obligation the funds received ($175 per family) will be used to hire resources to assist with efforts around the complex and help with other capital projects.

A list of volunteer work bond opportunity examples are included in the FAQ below.  Throughout the season new opportunities will become available.

Please Note: Any volunteer jobs not listed on the site must be approved by the FTLL Board.

Please reach out to the FTLL Board if you have questions or ideas for additional opportunities [email protected] 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a work bond?

A work bond program is a program where each parent submits an additional fee to the league at the start of the season. The manager for each team will collect the payments and submit these to the FTLL volunteer coordinator. After a predetermined number of volunteering hours have been met, the family is returned this fee. If volunteering hours are not met, the fee is kept by FTLL.

Why does FTLL need a work bond program?

Due to a shortage of volunteers in years past, the FTLL board has decided to implement a work bond program.  Many other sports clubs across the State of New Jersey have a work bond program, and we have tried to avoid it but our organization is only as good as its volunteers.  We are finding it more difficult every year to get people to volunteer their time with essential functions such as field cleanup and maintenance, field lining, coaching and other special events. We need the help from the league's parents to continue with the success of the FTLL Baseball Programs.

How much is work bond?

The work bond fee is $175 per family. The work bond checks will be held by the FTLL volunteer coordinator and your check will be returned to you upon completion of your volunteer duties.  If you do not submit your work bond check your child will not be able to play until your check is received. 

How many hours must I volunteer to have my work bond returned?

Your family is required to complete a total of 3 hours of volunteer service. 

How do I sign up for volunteer opportunities?

As soon as volunteer opportunities are available, volunteers will be able to use a link on the FTLL website to sign up for volunteer spots. After you complete your required 3 hours, volunteers will go back on line to the website and complete a Volunteer Completion Form. 

Can I choose not to volunteer?

You may choose not to volunteer and forfeit your deposit but FTLL certainly hopes that you choose to provide assistance to the league!

What types of volunteer opportunities will be available?

There will be many ways in which parents can volunteer their time to recuperate their work bond, but it may be necessary to sign up early in the season to make sure that we do not run out of volunteer opportunities. We are hoping that everyone will assist the club with their time and therefore no one will surrender their work bond.

Here are some work bond volunteer opportunities.  We will add more items to the list as time goes on.  Please continue to check back. 


Becoming a Board Member
Assistant Coaches (2 per team)
Committee Volunteers
Tournament Volunteers
Saturday Morning Field Maintenance
Spring Clean Up
Fall Clean Up
Leaf Clean Up
Close Batting Cages
Open Batting Cages
Organize Sheds
Fix Broken Items
Clean Clubhouses
Paint Clubhouses
Paint Buildings
Paint Dugouts
Fence Installation
Store Equipment for Winter
Many More Jobs...

How will I get credit for my volunteer hours?

It is the volunteer’s responsibility to properly document the hours you have given to the league. Upon completion of your obligation, your volunteer completion form will be validated by your team's Head Coach or Manager, the FTLL Volunteer Coordinator or an FTLL board member. 

Please help make FTLL successful!!

If you have any questions, please contact: [email protected] 

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