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Volunteer Form, Background Checks, SAFETY Certification

All prospective managers & coaches in FTLL MUST meet the following requirements:

I.      Register their desire to Manage or Coach using our Online Registration System

II.    Submit to a background check every 3 years and have a current ID badge

III.   Must be Rutgers SAFETY certified

IV.   Must be CPR/AED Certified (every 2 years)

V.    Must submit a Little League Volunteer Form

VI.   All managers/coaches must attend the annual manager's meeting.

* Please check the FTLL Calendar for upcoming Rutgers & AED/CPR classes and required meetings

I. Prospective Managers/Coaches must register Online using the FTLL Online Registration System.
All of the required information can be entered during online registration. During the registration process you will also acknowledge the Twp. Code of Conduct & volunteer requirements of the FTLL. Selected Managers/Coaches will be notified when the divisions are set. This is usually in January.

II. Background Check Process (UPDATED 1/1/17)
If you plan to manage, coach, or assist in a way where you work directly with the players, you MUST submit to a background check, which includes being fingerprinted.  The background check process must be done every 3 years.

Follow these steps to go through the background check process

1.    Download the background check form.

There is a process in place which requires pre-payment of the $21.91 fee (fee effective 1/1/19) for the background check (Freehold Township Little League will reimburse you). Fill out a copy of the Background Check Form.  Box #7 is pre-filled with the # '131601' which identifies us as Freehold Township Recreation & Box #8 with "FTLL" in the "Miscellaneous" field so that the Freehold Township Rec Dept. knows to contact FTLL when your background check is approved. Read and follow all the instructions on the background check form.

2.    Make an appointment with Sagem Morpho, Inc.

Go to and follow the instructions on the website under New Applicants (Click the Start Here button at the bottom of the page to start the process). When filling out the information on the site, use the information from boxes 1-8 on the above-mentioned background check form.

IMPORTANT: Remember to bring your filled out background check form to the fingerprinting appointment.

3.    Once you have been fingerprinted

It will take 1-2 weeks for the process to be completed. Only accepted background checks will be returned to the Freehold Township Recreation Department. The FTLL League Secretary will then be notified of those that have passed the background check process. The FTLL League Secretary will in turn notify those that have passed and provide further instructions on how to obtain an ID badge.  This badge must be worn at all times during games AND practices.

IMPORTANT NOTES on background checks:

1.    The background check form is to be turned into Sagem Morpho when you get fingerprinted.  It is NOT to be turned into FTLL.

2.    If we receive an online request for you to manage/coach, it's assumed that you will setup an appointment to be fingerprinted or already have a current ID card that's not older than 3 years.  YOU MUST REGISTER ONLINE YOUR DESIRE TO VOLUNTEER OR WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO NOTIFY YOU OF A COMPLETED BACKGROUND CHECK

3.    If you fail the background check, you will be notified directly by the Recreation Dept.  The Freehold Township Little League will receive notification of those that have failed a background check but will not be provided with the details. All appeals must be directed to the Twp. Rec. Dept.

4.    If you've undergone a background check and received an ID card in Freehold Township within the last 2 years then you do not need to go through this process this year.


III. Rutgers SAFETY certification

1.    Please check the FTLL Calendar for upcoming Rutgers SAFETY classes.

2.    IMPORTANT: If you are signing up for Rutgers Cert. you need to email our Safety Officer: Paula Baillargeon ([email protected]).   Space is limited at every session and it is on a first come, first serve basis so please sign up ASAP to ensure a spot in the class.

3.    For information on upcoming SAFTEY courses, check the FTLL Calendar or go to and click on the "S.A.F.E.T.Y. Clinic Schedule" link

4.    If you've taken the Rutgers SAFETY Clinic in the past, then you have met the NJ state standard for partial civil immunity protection and do not need to take it again.

IV. CPR/AED Training

1.    Please check the FTLL Calendar for upcoming AED/CPR classes

2.    Choose a class and email Scott Bonito directly to reserve a spot in class at [email protected]

3.   Space is limited at every session and it is on a first come, first serve basis so please sign up ASAP to ensure a spot in the class.

4.    All classes are held at the Little League meeting room at MJT Park

V. Little League Volunteer Form - Sex Offender Background Check
All volunteers must consent to completing the online Little League Volunteer form, and passing a mandatory sex offender background check.  Information will be sent directly to all volunteers prior to the beginning of the season.

VI. Annual Manager's Meeting

FTLL will be hosting a preseason meeting which is mandatory for all managers.  Assistant coaches are encouraged to attend the meeting as well.

Optional Concussion Training can be obtained at:



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